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Interior Design Services △ Indigo Arrows
Robust △ Competitive △ Indigenous

Destiny Seymour (Anishinaabe) holds a Master of Interior Design degree from the University of Manitoba and has 12-plus years of interior design experience under her belt.

Libraries | Schools | Community Centres | Banks & Credit Unions | Daycares | Office Buildings | Gaming Centres | Hotels & Resorts | Tribal Council Offices | Museums | Cultural Centres | Retail Space

Seymour specializes in the design of Indigenous spaces. Her approach is anchored by community consultations; her designs are informed by local history, current realities, and the needs of future generations; and, her innovative finishes push her clients' spaces ahead of their regional competitors.

Seymour is a member of Peguis First Nation. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and works on both sides of the Canada/US border.

Seymour is available for interior design contracts. She is also willing to partner with architecture firms or project managers on proposals and bids for upcoming projects.